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Interactive installation
installation with in each suitcase an object or an unknown journey provided by the participant, who also wrote a small text about this specific object: the text on the wall.

Together with people connected to the Watertower Geldern Art Foundation, the installation Unterwegs (=on the road) has been created, consisting of a multitude of suitcases on the top floor of the tower. In the round of the tower, many different suitcases string themselves together, complemented by a loving and sometimes mysterious text to their contents.

The contents represent the most important thing that you would take on a journey. The texts written by the people involved refer to the content of the cases, which let conveniences, memories and hopes corresponding to that go along with the journey.

The installation encourages the viewer to think about what he/she would take necessarily on a journey: what item could he/she absolutely not do without? The cases itself - usually old and frequently used - also tell a story about long and short trips taken, destinations, and people who may have passed away long ago.

In this installation, these stories affect the viewer and encourage new intellectual journeys in the minds of visitors, evoking memories of past events, experiences, hopes and dreams.